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Marblehead Statistics

Popluation: 20,377

Households: 8,541

Families: 5,679

Median Age: 42

Median Income (Household): $73,968

Median Income (Family): $99,892

Total Area: 19.6 miles

Total Land Area: 4.5 miles

About Marblehead, MA

A Brief History of Marblehead, MA

Marblehead, Massachusetts is a town of 20,377, located 18 miles northeast of Boston in the beautiful North Shore area of the Bay State.

Marblehead was first settled in 1626, originating as a fishing village; it was incorporated as a town in 1649. In addition to its thriving fishing industry, Marblehead soon became an active shipping and trading port, trading goods with other colonial towns, Europe, and the West Indies. Shoemaking was an industry that later developed and flourished. In the years leading up to the American Revolutionary War, Marblehead was, like Salem, one of the largest towns among England?s American colonies.

Marblehead played a role in the American Revolution. The schooner Hannah, which would later sail from Beverly Harbor as the first vessel commissioned in the Continental Navy, was readied for its voyage in Marblehead and its crew was predominantly comprised of Marblehead men.

Marblehead's General John Glover formed the Marblehead Militia Regiment (later known as the 14th Continental Regiment). Glover and his Marblehead Regiment are best known for transporting George Washington and his troops across the Delaware River for the surprise attack at Trenton. Marblehead seamen also participated in the War of 1812.

Beginning in the late 1800?s, numerous yacht clubs were established in Marblehead and the town became a magnet for yacht enthusiasts. Marblehead is still known as the ?Yachting Capitol of America.? Marblehead is also home to the painting ?The Spirit of ?76? by Archibald Willard ? the painting is on display at Abbot Hall.

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